Dragon Mania Legends for Windows 8

Breed and take care of your own dragons as they protect your land from Vikings

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

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    7.1 (26)

Dragon Mania Legends is a pet battling game for Windows and mobile platforms.

Gameloft is an interesting company. It's hard to say that they ever really create anything. They take the ideas of other people, figure out what works, and innovate from there. Most of the time, the innovation consists of making the core game look better, and then figuring out how to wring every possible cent from the user with microtransactions. One really great example of this is Dragon Mania Legends, a pet breeding and fighting game that has a lot of value and depth, but surprisingly has no soul whatsoever.

You can probably guess what you do in Dragon Mania legends by looking at a few screenshots. This is a half-management, half-battling sort of game, where you create habitats for dragons, breed them, train them, and eventually send them out to fight. Think of the game as the unholy spawn of Pokemon, How to Train Your Dragon and Farmville, but without the depth of the former or the charm of the latter. At every turn, you will be given a chance to spend money to make your dragons stronger and faster, and you'll always be given the chance to speed things up by parting with your cash.

As corporate and soulless as the game is, it's still addictive. If you play the game, you'll probably have fun until the real hits to your wallet start to become apparent. There's nothing wrong with this game, and there's certainly nothing wrong with downloading it. Just realize that you're not going to get an experience that has a ton of depth and you probably won't remember that you played it in a year or two. This is a game that's meant to make a company money sometimes that's just fine.


Good design

Clever mechanics

Innovates on the genre


No depth

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